Strides Run Club – Monday nights, 6-7pm
January 14th – March 25th
10 weeks

There will be 2 different levels:
1.  Learn To Run 101 – are you new to running and wanting to start slowly with a group?  This will be a beginner class, working off a walk/run program with an experienced and passionate group leader.

2.  201 Group – are you looking to meet new people and increase your weekly mileage?  This class is designed for runners that are comfortable running 5km at the beginning of the program.  

Both levels will start at Strides Canmore store.



Wednesday Interval & Hill Training – noon-1pm
Sept. 19th – Nov. 21st 
10 weeks

Looking to increase your speed, achieve your personal best and learn about interval and hill training?  This hour long lunch run is perfect for those looking to push themselves a little further and gain some serious fitness benefits.  You must be able to run 5km comfortably at the start of this class.

All Run Clubs cost $100 and include a technical t-shirt or hat, discounts at Strides for the duration of the clinic (15% off a pair of shoes, and 10% all apparel, gear and accessories) and prizes at the end of the session.  You can choose also to run on both Monday nights and Wednesday at noon for interval training.